…. hear that?

That’s the sound of me passing my comfort zone and leaving it far,far behind….

So it’s PTI’s 8th anniversary and I love PTI ! I reallllly needed to make some cards (having just been doing bits and pieces for the past year, there is NO surplus…!)  so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and enter a couple of the challenges. This is the challenge for the first day – card sketch AND colour scheme. Hmmmmm….. Card sketches don’t frighten me, colour schemes do. Especially when they are pretty bright, like many of the PTi schemes were. But it’s a CHALLENGE, so that’s exactly what I did, challenged myself….Margaret C


Just in case you can’t tell, I used the 3rd colour scheme, and the 7th sketch.

It probably would have worked better if I had the actual inks…. or maybe I still wouldn’t particularly like it. Oh well !!

I do love the fading background pattern, and I do love the white embossed flower. Will be using these again !!

So, deets:

I use PTI’s Friends Til the End  and Guidelines, so that’s me qualified to enter….

This is the Wishlist competition – oh my !! Yup, as long as my arm, so fingers crossed – if I win with this card, then suddeny it will become my most favourite card ever !!!


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