Joy…. joy, joy joy….

Margaret C

hello ?

hello ? *tap tap*

I know, I’m a lousy blogger. I also know I’m not writing this for anyone, as even my mum has said she’s given up on my blog – well, so would I have, by this point ! Life has been challenging and I have very little to show for it except being signed off and a new treatment course of strong drugs, homeopathic remedies and serious thinking about what has to change. It’s all a bit much.

So now I am signed off, I have been dabbling again in my craft room, and came up with this card. I do like it. I like the quietness of it. Anyhow, here are the details:

Main image : free stamp from December 2013 Craft Stamper

Background : Stampin’ Up Lovely as a Tree on DSP

I’m leaving you with a song that is running around my head – Joy by Tracey Thorn.

It’s kinda where I’m at just now – living the awareness of pain and sadness, and trying to accept the limitations of my illness, but also trying to fight through and recognise the quiet moments of grace (‘it’s because of the dark, we see the beauty in the spark’) And by grace, I mean the ‘undeserved blessings and unconditional gifts’ of my faith, something which the song makes no reference to. We are entering the season of true grace, the unconditional gift of a child born to bring the undeserved blessings of light and hope to all who have hands and hearts open to recieve. I am sorry if that sounds preachy to you, but – referring to my comment earlier about not expecting anyone to be reading this ! – the only person I am preaching to is myself. So, girl, get off the computer, go and pray !