Another Wedding/Anniversary card

This is one of those cards that simply calls to me. Funny, I usually make cards I like, I frequently make cards I love, but rarely do I make cards that I think “if I saw that in a shop, I’d HAVE to buy it…” This is one of those cards. I think the reason I love it is because so much of it symbolises my wedding – I had thistles in my bouquet, the pale lavendar/blue was our wedding colour, and all our stationary was celtic silver-embossed ( done by me, over a toaster. Yup all 300 odd bits…. This was before stamping had entered my life….!)

Think I’ll stash one of these away for a certain anniversary – do you think he’ll spot all the symbolism…. ?!!

These stamps are ancient – they are among the first I ever bought, and, if I’m honest, they are a bit of a pain to stamp straight and get a good impression from … so I have used them in years, probably.

Images: thistle- Funstamps F-N38, celtic heart – Heritage Rubber Stamp Co.

All else is stash !!


1 Comment

  1. Carol S said,

    March 12, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    I’m sure he’ll remember the symbols on your beautiful card Margaret and I hope you have a great anniversary when the day comes round. I can’t believe you made so many over a toaster! Congratulations on raising such a grand sum for Tearfund too!
    Carol x

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