WOM – February

Here is my (kinda) finished February mini-wall hanging from Country Junktion !

I went a very different colourway, primarily because my goal is to use up scraps and these are from the first (ok, ONLY!!) quilt I made my DD. I also hand-dyed the blue background ( er.. not recently ! A LONG time ago in a galaxy far, far away !!). I love the pattern and the colourway, but there are little mistakes in lots of places that I suspect might annoy me forever. (all mistakes are mine, Any’s pattern is FAB-U-LOUS !!) Anyway, it’s done and going up today ready for tomorrow ….

… OH FLIP !! I haven’t done a card for the boy !!! See ya !!



Papertrey Anniversary challenge

ooooh, it’s late, and I’m tired, so this’ll be FAST.

Papertrey Ink’s Anniversary challenge today was a sketch, and I like sketches !! I chose to work with sketch 2; here’s my take.

I used 2 of my new sets: the main images were from Little Bitty Bird, and the sentiment was from Beautiful Blessings. Love ’em both.

Night night xx




Love this card !

So simple, one stamp, bit of colouring and sparkly embossing powder. Done.

Here’s the inspiration for it – and the great advice of “It’s only paper. Do it !”  Yup, and did it !

* image is DoCrafts ( from the poundy box too !!)

PTI – Happy fifth birthday !

So there will be lots going on over at Nichole’s blog in the next few days !

The first competition is to CASE a design team member’s favourite project – nae probs !! Just need to whittle them down ! I decided to work with Jessica Witty’s post  She’s quite a new team member, but I have loved her work !

Here’s my CASE:

( sorry about the photo – at 3:15, I am chasing light as the sun sets and combating the glare from yesterday’s snowfall too – however, this is pretty close to real life !)

I used a LOT of my new products here, Delightful Doilies for the backgound, the a Doily Details die and Simple Sentiments which I stamped on the ribbon strip.

And the little heart – why, it’s made from two of my fingerprints overlapping ! Something I’ve seen all over Pinterest and realised could TOTALLy work here ! Kinda makes it a bit more personal to DH’s Valentine !

So, fingers crossed – it’s a GREAT prize package !!

Books are a uniquely portable magic. ~Stephen King

One of my favourite quotes is from Albert Einstein:

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales”

And it goes on…

“If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

Albert Einstien ROCKS !!

I have documented before my love of reading and my delight that Baby Girl also adores it (she’s now insisting that we turn her homework sight words upside down to test her. No challenge AT ALL for her…) So the new A Passion for Papertrey Challenge seems designed for me ! Here’s my entry:

Once I remembered Mr. Einstein’s quote, the rest fell into place.

Images: open book – All Booked Up:Papertrey Ink, sorry I have NO idea where the fairies and the sentiment came from.

Incidentally, Mr. Einstien is right to a certain degree. Reading to your child is one of the MOST important things a parent can do – it feeds SO many facets of their education. As a teacher, we can spot the kids who are read to, and the inverse. Guess which ones are – usually – more successful ? Ok, lecture over. Go read a book … !


Maridadi – half way around the world and (almost) 40 years

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This quilt has come together after a very long time and gone a very long way to get here !

About 10 years ago, my mother and I visted a quilt show where we were drawn to a stall selling fabrics that had been printed in Africa. This was particularly interesting to us as my mother had worked, married and had 2 children in Uganda before leaving during the Idi Amin regime. I, obviously, was one of the 2 kids, and, although I remember nothing about Uganda, it has very much been part of the cultural background of my life.

As well as a couple of small kits, I bought a stack of indigo FQ planning to make a quilt from this book  which really showed off the fabric. I took them home and washed them – resulting in flooding my kitchen with bubbles ! I had forgotten the stall holder telling me that the reason the fabrics were stiffer than usual was because the factories did not wash the fabric after processing it to save water. After cleaning my kitchen floor, I dried, pressed cut and pieced my blocks with a plain white sashing. I also began to piece the borders, carefully trying to show off some of the manufacturers marks on the reverse of the fabric.

Then I abandoned my quilt, because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome crept into my life and began shutting it down. I had long periods off work and was too tired to spend time with friends. Quilts were too heavy to manipulate and I couldn’t concentrate on embroidery. My textile crafts were shrouded in bags and boxes, shelved behind curtains.

But I was lucky, because I recovered after three years …to then have a baby the following summer ! Not enough time or space to quilt then !

But baby girl grew and we moved house and a few years later, my aunt visited from Canada, bringing with her some of her downsized crafting stash. Including a gorgeous turquoise length of african fabric, bought in a market when she visited our family after my brother’s birth. Immediately, I thought of the indigo quilt and knew it would be the perfect backing. But all I did was stash the gifted fabric away with the quilt top…

…until this year. determined to make a quilt for a friend’s new baby, I went through my fabrics and decided this was the year to finsh the UFOs. Oh, I have a few of them – the wedding quilt for friends who have been married for 8 years and have 2 babies, the millenium starry quilt… – but it was my african indigo quilt that sang out to me. After making ( and finishing !) the baby quilt, I finished piecing the borders before quilting and binding the african one.

And here it is.

I don’t often name my quilts, but this one is definitly “Maridadi”. Maridadi means ‘pretty’ in Swahili and is actually the name of the turquoise backing fabric.

I love this quilt. I plan to have it in our spare room – when I can stop stroking it each time I pass. I have entered it into the “Quilting Is Murder” challenge on Flickr, as that was a real spur to get a move on !

WOM ( or wallhanging of the month..!)

This year I have revived my hobby of quilting – I reckoned I should, as I have enough fabric to carpet this house (hmmm…)

Anyhow… along with all my UFO ( unfinished objects) and HTM ( have to makes ) I REALLY wanted to do a BOM ( block of the month – keep up with the acronyms !) SO I trolled for a BOM pattern that I would love and stay committed to …and found this… Not a BOM but a lovely monthly – FREE !!! – wallhanging pattern. Fab. So here’s my January …

So looking forward to February now !!

I’m entering this for the Quilting Gallery’s Winter Friends theme weekly comp – go vote for me please !

Sea glass jewellery

…because beads are expensive and I am cheap.