SUCH a satisfying day !!!

Which is good, because the week that proceeded it was AWFUL !!

Here’s what I spent my Friday doing…

Just before Christmas, one of my oldest and dearest friends had a baby girl, and this is the quilt I have made for her. It’s very similar to the one I made for my niece in 2010 – well, why change a good thing ! One of the biggest differences was my quilting. This time I spot quilted big loopy flowers (using  this tutorial) and I LOVE the results ! here is a close-up !

So chuffed with the results of it it all, and I think my friend will be too.

( incidentally, this is a Moda Bakeshop pattern- free and fabulous ! – I just substituted lots of pink scraps. the oly thing I bought for this quilt was a reel of thread and the binding fabric ! )

While I was on the roll, I thought I’d make a mug rug to practise the machine binding that I tried for the first time on the big quilt. However, I had SOOOO many scraps I ended up making four mug rugs, using this great pattern !

Here’s one of them !

This was TOTALLY stash ( yup, I am counting the jumbo ricrac that I impulse bought yesterday as stash – I’m thrilled to have used it immediatly !!) And I am chuffed with them – cute set to gift ( or maybe just fling around the house until DH queries what on earth they are… !!)

Anyhow, the sewing machine is still out, and I do have another project bubbling away so see ya !!

… and for those of you who slavishly follow my blog – hi, mum !! – looking for cards and you are now panicking that I have given that up, well don’t worry. The muse lingers ( she’s called Pinterest now….) and I am looking forward to some inky time tomorrow !


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