SUCH a satisfying day !!!

Which is good, because the week that proceeded it was AWFUL !!

Here’s what I spent my Friday doing…

Just before Christmas, one of my oldest and dearest friends had a baby girl, and this is the quilt I have made for her. It’s very similar to the one I made for my niece in 2010 – well, why change a good thing ! One of the biggest differences was my quilting. This time I spot quilted big loopy flowers (using  this tutorial) and I LOVE the results ! here is a close-up !

So chuffed with the results of it it all, and I think my friend will be too.

( incidentally, this is a Moda Bakeshop pattern- free and fabulous ! – I just substituted lots of pink scraps. the oly thing I bought for this quilt was a reel of thread and the binding fabric ! )

While I was on the roll, I thought I’d make a mug rug to practise the machine binding that I tried for the first time on the big quilt. However, I had SOOOO many scraps I ended up making four mug rugs, using this great pattern !

Here’s one of them !

This was TOTALLY stash ( yup, I am counting the jumbo ricrac that I impulse bought yesterday as stash – I’m thrilled to have used it immediatly !!) And I am chuffed with them – cute set to gift ( or maybe just fling around the house until DH queries what on earth they are… !!)

Anyhow, the sewing machine is still out, and I do have another project bubbling away so see ya !!

… and for those of you who slavishly follow my blog – hi, mum !! – looking for cards and you are now panicking that I have given that up, well don’t worry. The muse lingers ( she’s called Pinterest now….) and I am looking forward to some inky time tomorrow !


Thank you cards

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know I’m a teacher and, every year, I am lucky to get presents from some of my children for Christmas. It is something I really appreciate, as I know money and time are in short supply. Well, this year I got a huge amount of gifts ( must be doing something right, eh ??!) which means a HUGE amount of thank you cards – I like to give the children a proper thank-you card to show my appreciation fully. So here is this year’s design:

It’s kind of inspired by these two cards: one by Kara and one by Laurie ( please prowl around thier blogs – there is so much inspiration!! )

(sorry about the duff photo – it’s still pretty windy up here !)

I loved their designs, but I needed 18 cards so a major crank-out requires a simpler version – however, I’m sure you may see this again in a much gussier fashion !

* sentiments are from a Hero Arts set – I can’t find it on their site so perhaps its an oldie ?

* gift is a Papermania stamp – can’t find either !!

* all else is stash !!

My previous thank-you cards are here and here !

Not the ‘Year in Review’ post…

I was considering doing one then I realised I hadn’t posted anything in Dec. That’s because I didn’t really create anything ! The month was crazy busy with all the usual festivities – tripled. Yup, we had 3 Christmases, folks…. Anyhow, it’s all done and dusted now, just the decs to pack up for another year and I’ve found a FAB tip on Pinterest to store them – paper cups in plastic boxes… ( Pinterest ? Oh, yes, I SOOO did…. and I will have to be super careful, what a time-suck !!)

Soooo ….HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

I always try to check my birthday book at this time of year, and, frankly, I’m doing pretty well ! So today’s card is for DHs Papastan’s birthday in April. My inspiration was the first card in this post and here’s my CASE of it !

I am so sorry, but I have NONE of the deets for you – the set is LONG out of it’s packing ! – and most is old stash. I am really going to try to curtail my stamping expenditure this year, and link most of it to rewarding my weight loss. Yup, back on the wagon, folks (mind you, I’d be better off walking beside that wagon, right ??? )

Hope 2012 brings you more sunshine than rain, and the peace to handle all things !!