It’s nice just to rest a while and feel my creative soul ( ok and catch up on Glee!! ) Life has been a bit rough recently. After MONTHS of root canal treatment at the Dental Hospital ( with appointments lasting 2 hrs…) the tooth they were working on fractured just before the last appointment, and had to be taken out. I say taken, I mean 30 mins of ripping it out ( and this was the good guys doing it – that tooth was determined to stay! ) They then realised that I have – and I quote – “one of the longest horizontal slides the consultant has ever seen …” Well, yay, for me…. ANYHOW, long story short, I may need more corrective treatment in the future, but they want to monitor it for the next year. Now I just need to get a splint made to wear at night to correct my grinding – and save more teeth from breaking. Apparently, I’m doing it because I’m stressed…

Parent’s Night, Inservices, school planning on top of DH picking up more shifts at work so I’m on morning duty with the 5yr old….. ?? Maybe ???

Oh, and Christmas is only 4 school weeks away….

Never mind – I’m having a day off today from it all !! I love the stamp on offer as a prize in the new Christmas Challenge at A Passion For Papertrey, so I thought I’d have a go. I had planned to make the card much fussier and fancier, but I fell in love with the quiet simplicity of this layout.

I just got this Papertrey Take Three set. Yup, it’s the summer one, but I just saw these little birdies stamped in icy blue ! I think I got away with it ! And the snowflake background is a resist technique I learned from the Jennifer McGuire class – I am determined to keep challenging myself to use these techniques !

* Birds -Papertrey Ink’s Take Three Summer

* Sentiment – Papertrey Ink Fillable Frames 8

* The snowflakes on the mat layer are a variety from loads of different sources !

Right, I am off to make a super-fancy, super-glittery card for DD’s Christmas. And pink ? Oh yes !!!



  1. Joyce M. said,

    November 21, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    I saw this on the Passion for Papertrey challenge, and it immediately caught my eye–another set I have but haven’t figured how to use it. Pinning to case–I love the blue and the white, with the snowflakes in the background.

  2. Amy Wanford said,

    November 21, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    Quiet and simple – just the way I like a card 🙂
    Sorry to hear of your dental woes…I’m absolutely petrified of dentists so you’re super brave in my eyes!
    Thanks for joining us on A Passion for Papertrey!
    P.S I like to stamp when I’m stressed…and I’m talking ink and stamp, not stamping around LOL!

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