Baby , baby…

The last few weeks have been a real baby-fest with 2 friends giving birth and 2 more announcing pregnancys. One of my very dear friends had a wee girl, so I wanted to make something special for her ….but I’ve been up to HERE with reports (ugh, so time consuming, but at least this year they are more relevant to the children!) I finished those yesterday, so tonight I went for it – and rattled out a wee set in 2 hrs. Honest, I couldn’t have gone downtown, shopped and got back in that time…!

When I had DD, I LOVED the taggy blankies that were on sale – but couldn’t justify ridiculous costs for them ( £15 for a scrap of fleece – uh-uh….) I have recently realised just exactly how cheap and easy they are to make – so I decided to make one of those. The other thing I ADORED was teeny baby shoes – ahhhh. They were also silly money – and I recently found a free tutorial to make a pair. So I did.

I’m chuffed with both of them – but especially the blankie.The shoes are not fully lined, so I think I may look for another pattern for future babies. After all, there’s going to be at least another 2 to celebrate come December !!

( and a wee note to “interested parties” aka my mother: no, I’m not. Not even broody. Any “ahhh….” moments are cancelled VERY quickly by the memories of last time. Yes, I do love taggie blankies, baby shoes and the perfection of DD …but I love sleep, independence – hers and mine – and not being afraid more.  And what could be better than the sweetie we have now anyway ?!)


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