Happy Birthday, Edie

Every new year seems to be tempered with sadness. I am blessed that this year nothing has touched my family directly, but I am aware that within my realworld circles and my cyberworld circles, people are coming to terms with disasters and tragedies. One such person is Edie from Life In Grace. Briefly, just before Christmas, Edie and her family escaped from their house as it burned down. The blessing is that the family are alive, the disaster is the house – and all it’s contents – are destroyed. I can’t believe the loss that  must be.

I checked her blog this morning and her friends are asking people to post a blog entry about how Edie has encouraged you. I don’t have a specific post – I know I came to her blog initially for the crafting inspirtation, but I stayed for the calmness and the inspirational faith she has ( and continues to have despite recent events…) She has introduced me to deeper thinking about my faith – recent posts on the Jesse tree and Santa vs God have been treasured away to ponder on. I LOVE her liturgical posts although I don’t really understand the difference between my church and hers ( and I’m not sure it’s all that important to) I love reading how she is bring up her wee ones and reflecting on how I can take her best practice into my family. Frankly, reading her posts is like having a big sister who has done it all before and is helping you find your way a little.  

I hope reading all the blog entries gives her a little comfort. I am praying for her and her family as they work their way through this, and I know that God is by their side …when He is not actually carrying them. Bless you, Edie xx


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  1. January 7, 2011 at 10:46 am

    your words minister grace to me.
    bless you and thank you for praying.
    hugs and blessings,

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