Happy 2011!

Apparently whatever you are doing as the clock turns over to the New Year is the activity you will do a lot more of in the following months….

… so I am holed up in my craft room, playin’ with paper, stamps and glue…

(although I am not spending the rest of the year cutting out with blunt scissors like the last 10 minutes !)

Happy 2011.

I hope it brings us all health, love, joy and peace.

(as well as LOTS of crafting !)


Journal your Christmas Day 9

Oh, joy ! Back to Christmas traditions !! I picked up my copy of the Radio Times today. I only ever get it at Christmas (although I read my dad’s every time I’m at my folks !!)  I love sitting down with a highlighter pen to plan the viewing. So far, I think the biggies for us will be Narnian films – two of which are on this year. I am a wee bit anxious about watching them as I LOVE the books so much (the best is the “Last Battle” – a beautiful description of heaven, I think! ) and I have been so disappointed in other book-to-film translations. We’ll see….

Again, I’m entering this into A Passion for Papertrey’s Challenge – I don’t feel too guilty about using a die again, they’ve all been different, AND I’ve used a teeny scrap of PTI ribbon on this one as well !!

BTW, the reason my pages are a little off-centre in composition is that I plan to bind them at the end to make a book. Either that, or I’m just too tired to see straight !!

Journal Your Christmas Day 8


Horrible day. Late for school as a 15min journey took 50 – FIFTY !! – minutes. Chased my tail all day and was feeling unwell on top of it all. Kids think it’s the holidays already and you should see what we need to do before the 22nd !!! Argh !!

But I came home to the first Christmas cards.

Wish I could say they soothed my weary soul.

But that needed a hot-water bottle, a quilt, a hot chocolate and some brainless TV.

And later on Mr. Ben and Jerry helped too… ( they make ice-cream, people, ice-cream….!)

Journal Your Christmas Day 7

I could not find Christmas in today – but it was a reminder of the fact that real life also happens in December ! This is me about to make a worksheet on magnets for my class (oooh! Can’t you just feel the excitement !!!)

I am entering this for A Passion for Papertrey’s challenge because the curvy mat behind the picture is Papertrey Ink’s Mat Stack 4. It is also embossed with the Book Prints Impression Plate (also PTI). Not my favourite page – but not my favourite December activity either !!!

Journal Your Christmas Day 6

Back to more traditional paper scrapbooking. Here is Day 6


It’s the Christmas tree in my classroom. I always put up my decorations on the 1st of Dec, but this week, because of the snow, I was a week late. It’s all I don’t like about trees ( personal opinion coming !!) It’s plastic, tiny and has pretty garish decorations on it. But I also love this tree for those things – it is perfect for it’s purpose ! It is a herald of Christmas, and the kids ALWAYS gasp when they see it up. As for the page design, I CASEd it from a card I saw – either Jennifer McGuire or one of the Papertrey Ink team. And no, I’m not going hunting to find out !!!

Edited: found it !! It was on Caryn from A Passion For Papertrey’s inspiration card for the new challenge !! Love that idea !!

Journal Your Christmas Day 5

I know, I know, I haven’t done Day 4, but that’s a traditional scrapbook page – as opposed to this – a digital one. Get me.

The text is the bible verse we studied at church. I guess the 2nd candle symbolises Justice ( yeah, we were late – have you seen the snow ??!) The service today touched me ; the speaker was from the Bethany Trust – an organisation who work alongside homeless people. It’s a subject I have considered over this past week – and then very quickly dismissed the thought because the idea of people sleeping rough in this weather – whatever their story  – is simply horrendous.. You know how blessed your life is.

Ok, back to shallow stuff. Do you like the effects around the candles and behind them ? I was SO impressed when I did that (in Photoshop) Don’t ask me how – I couldn’t do it again if I tried….  I hope you like. More trad stuff tomorrow – maybe. Actually I’ve just realised you won’t see Day 4 as it’s a close up of DD doing her advent calendar, and I don’t put pictures of my family on the web. Yeah, I trust you, but who else could be reading this ??

Anyhow, I have to go to bed now. Apparently they actually expect us back in school tomorrow to teach children – the cheek of it ! It’s not like we’ve had a break recently ! ….oh…. wait….. 😛

Journal Your Christmas Day 3

So much more straight forward than yesterdays !! I’m journalling my love of magazines and how I keep special Christmas ones for YEARS !!

I am also entering this into the current A Passion for Papertrey Challenge as the wee notebook page is a PTI die. Love it – even though this is it’s first outing !!!

I think I’ll be documenting advent calendars today !!

Journal Your Christmas Day 2

Looks fairly simple, doesn’t it ? Wee photo collage behind a sheet of printed vellum ?

Well, It took FLIPPIN’ AGES !!!!

Didn’t help that I originally printed the text on a transparency, and then realised that it really didn’t work ….but I’d deleted the file so had to start from scratch…. Never mind – I’m happy with it now !

The Official Last Sewn Item

You’ll have picked up from earlier posts that I have fallen a little in love with my Bernina. Well, here is the last present it has helped me to finish this week. This is a quilted floor mat/quilt for my new niece – guess what her name is ???!!

The pattern is from the Moda Bakeshop by Melissa Mortenson although I just used bits of pink fabric that I had in my stash! Pretty, eh? Dainty and sweet? Check out the back, though!!

It’s a farmyard print !! I figured that she might appreciate having something fun to look at – and later play eye-spy or count animals. I am very chuffed with it, because usually, my quilts are …ummm…. somewhat delayed…. Like the wedding quilt for our friends who are 5 years and 2 children in…. Oh dear…. Guess what I need to finish in the New Year ??!

Journal Your Own Christmas Day 1

Every year, I want to document December like Shimelle or Ali. Last year I even cut up all the paper and made a collection of supplies. This year – I plan to use them….

Of course , as it’s STILL snowing here, all my pages could be like this one…. Anyone fancy watching “The Day After Tomorrow” ?!!

PS Tim Holtz tags, anyone – WOW !!!!