I like big bags and I cannot lie…

… and the only reason I know any part of that song is because I was FANATICAL about Friends !! (I still miss it…)

So, DD was away and the mumma will play …with her sewing machine. Now, I know my blog title of Thread, Ink and Me has confused some of you who feel that the occasional use of some form of thread on a card really doesn’t warrant a headline title. And you’d be right. But, honestly, I use threads a lot – I embroider, dressmake and quilt, just not so often ( or, in the case of the embroidery, do something that takes over 5 years to finish…2011 could be the year !)

However, this weekend, a UFO (unfinshed object) was completed. And you so know there’s a story behind it !!

Last year, I went to quite a few Saturday courses, and every time I went I wished I’d had a bag big enough to carry a folder, pens, water bottle lunch etc. A Tesco branded bag doesn’t have that professional edge. Even the eco-jute ones…. So eventually, I bought a pattern and fabric for a bag, because I’m WAAAAY too cheap to buy an actual bag !! I cut the pattern out, I cut the fabric out, I tailor-tacked it all …then ran out of time/got bored and stuffed it in a plastic bag to join the stash of UFOs lurking in the sewing area of my craft space…. Over the Summer, I have often wished I had made the BIG BAG, reckoning it would be so handy for day trips with a 4yr old (and her daddy!) So this weekend, being child-free, I went for it. And here it is.

I love the colours – they make me happy! Dark demin for the outer and BRIGHT PINK!!!! cotton for the lining. And isn’t that HUGE pink button cute !!!

Wanna see the reason I picked this pattern ?


See the cute internal organiser – man, I need internal organisers for EVERYTHING !! – that gives me a total of 17 -SEVENTEEN pockets !!!!! Cool!!! DH says it’s a ridiculous amount of pockets. What does he know – he’s a man, they carry wallets in their pockets and NOTHING else. Can’t even persuade him to carry my lipstick in his sporran at weddings….!

So, SEVENTEEN pockets!!!!

Realistically, I’m still going to lose the keys, aren’t I ?




  1. Frances said,

    September 20, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    That bag is fabulous – just love it. Which pattern did you buy?

    • me35 said,

      September 20, 2010 at 4:43 pm

      Thank you for your kind comment !

      It’s McCall’s M4851 – I did Bag B but made the A insert too. It was a great pattern – all the bits did what they were supposed to …which is not always the case!!

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