That’s a long title, I’m shattered now.

Anyhow, you’ve maybe come over from APFP to read the uncensored version of this card’s creation. Please tell me you relate….

“Okay, I have to do this card right now as I have people staying all weekend. Right. Border punches. MIne suck. Not using those. Right. Ordinary punches. Ok. They suck too. Right. Ok. Ummm… OH !! remember that card that thingie did with the whatsit stamps – let’s go copy that !! (pause of 30 mins while I try to find said card – include some under the breath muttering re my disorganisation of web ideas) Sooo, image stamped – let’s use colouring pencils. Right. Where’s the flipping Sansodor Mineral Spirit ? Why is it not with the pencils like any sane person would organise it?!!!! BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER!!! ( continue the bother noise for 20 min as I tidy up my workspace, opening every drawer in process and coming across several useful things….) Right. Frame/ wreath thing. DON’T WASTE THE GLIMMER MIST!!! Too late. Punch out leaves. Yucky leaves. Where the heck is my maple leaf punch ??? (Mutter as I wonder who I can blame for moving it, and feel cross as I know the only person is ….me.) Tuck leaves around frame. Panic as know it just doesn’t work. Muse about how FABULOUS Aimes and Kate’s creations will be and how the world will look at the sad little card underneath theirs’ and wonder how much this person had to pay to be APFP Featured Stamper. Suddenly remember the Rubber Tapestry Stamps I came across in the mad tidy-up 20 minutes ago and micro-panic as they are not PTI …then remember that it doesn’t matter and I can write something in the blurb about how it shows off the versatility of PTI ( feel smug as I remember that I am  WORD GIRL – my secret power being the ability to bluff convincingly !) Continue feeling smug as card comes together – and actually looks ok. I am getting away with this !!! In a feat of over-confidence, slosh a TON of crackle glaze over the main image that – yes- I have already stuck in place. Panic as confidence evaporates while cardstock curls up. Squish it down again while telling myself I can photograph it so it doesn’t show. Hopefully. Decide to smear Tea-dye ink over the image because if crackle glaze is gonna cause that much drama, people may as well actually see the crackles. Sigh with relief as I am able to wipe most of the ink off. Card finished. Fingers crossed, people might actually think I can do this stamping lark….”

Now I need LOTS of you to leave a comment about how fabulous you think my card is. Sarcasm often doesn’t come over in the written form…



  1. Amy Wanford said,

    September 8, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    ROFL! Margaret I didn’t quite realise you went through so much getting this card put together! It makes me feel almost guilty that we’ve put you through this by asking you to be our featured stamper!
    Well worth the effort though, such a cool effect with the crackle glaze too! I hope the next card comes together much easier than this one did for you!

  2. Nicole said,

    September 11, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Margaret I so relate – we must share a similar creative process – LOL! Great card though so it was worth all the effort! Now you’ve made me think I’d better have a tidy up of my craft room (actually my crafty stash seems to have spread all over the house!) so I can find things more easily ready for my next creation!

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