It’s the final countdown….

This time next week I will be up to my waist in 6-7 yr olds ( I say waist cos they’re all v small…) and I can’t wait. Simply because it means this lame excuse for a holiday is over – apart from a few days, it has truly sucked and I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail all summer. Not a good feeling. I think I need the total structure of routine that school gives me. However, give me a couple of weeks and I have no doubt I’ll be counting down to the next holidays… !

Anyhow. Here is picture of my current creativity.


I reckon I have used over 200 laminating sheets and cut out over 3000 items – most of them twice. You know, I can hear your envy from here…. and this is the tidier version. I have to keep telling myself (and DH) that they will now last forever. Unfortunately, I know this will depend on how destructive the class are… but they’ll only do it once (evil cackle)

So, when the laminating, cutting out, planning, organising, labelling are done ( and the pigs flying) I may get back to proper creating, the kind that fills my soul. the kind I’ve needed to do for the last six weeks.

Suppose I’d better spend some time with my kid before that. Haven’t seen her around here for a while. Hmmmm, what’s her name again???


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