Teacher thank you

DD has just finished her first year of nursery school, and has LOVED every minute of it. I think one of the chief reasons has been the sheer fabulousness of her teacher, who seems to be a bit of a Mary Poppins (DD is an AVID thumb sucker – I think one day we’ll have to cut it off  – but she doesn’t do it in Nursery, because Mrs. S said so…. Yup, you KNOW I tried that one at home and got an old-fashioned look from the 3 yr old… )

Anyhow, tonight was a bit of a rush as I forgot DD finishes school tomorrow, whereas the area I work in finishes on Friday. I had already bought a mug for Mary Pop.. sorry, Mrs S. , so I baked a very quick batch of THE BEST COOKIES IN THE WORLD ( as claimed by DH and my colleagues – and these people know their cookies !! ) which I’ll put in a posh bag with this card.

 * image is by A Muse ( but I can’t find it on their site) inked with Versafine

* all else is stash

Super super fast. I have loved Nichole Heady’s looped ribbons since she started doing them, and mine is a take on on her technique.

I love the fact that my creativity can allow me not to have to rush out to Asda for a quick gift …and I bet Mrs. S won’t get another card like this ( I just hope she realises DD didn’t make it. The kid has enough pressure having me as her mother…)

Incidentally, sad news. One of my favourite stamp companies – Elzybells – is closing down. Boo. She is one of the few British companies that can hold it’s own in terms of originality with our American counterparts, but she has decided to call it a day. I sincerely hope that whatever Elizabeth moves onto brings her as much pleasure as her stamps have brought me.

PS. Two more sleeps !!!


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  1. C.Foreman said,

    July 1, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    That thank you card should definitely become a standard! Like it very much and I’m sure Mrs.Smith/Poppins will love it, too. As for the cookies DG/DD was disappointed by the lack of a goodie bag, last week! However my cheese scones were acceptable.

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