Hello PTI box. Welcome to my home…

Yup, it’s here. Not without a little trauma however.

“Released from customs” meant to the Parcelforce depot in Perth …and a further charge of £22. Ridiculous. As the nice Parcelforce-man said, it’s worth an email to challenge the charge, so that’s what we’ll do.  Not that I’ll get back the 2hr return trip to pick the parcel up …the alternative was paying a further £8 for Parcelforce to do what it’s already been paid for. Grrrrr….

Anyhow. You wanna see my stuff???

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 OOOOH!!! Now I just want to break out these babies and play!!!

Unfortunately, we’re having the extended family over tomorrow for a celebration meal as DH graduated this week (he’s a clever cookie as well as being drop dead gorgeous !!) so I have to tidy, clean and cook. Bother.

Any advice on how to use a tan embossing mat?


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