Just call me grumpy…

I am feeling SOOOO grumpy today – and it had such possibilities too ūüė¶ You know when you have those days when one thing seems to trigger the rest of the day going awry? Yup. My “one thing” was a bridal Barbie cake (like this one) exploding and covering my oven floor in partially baked cake goo… Oh MY.¬† Did I lose it…. To be fair, this was the second go at making the cake, and I had thought the decorating would be the tricky part.¬†YOU’D THINK, RIGHT!!!!.

Anyhow. DH came in, having heard the smoke alarm blaring. He then told me to take DD to nursery, he’d clear up the mess and bake the cake.

And he flippin’ did.

What’s more annoying than a man who doesn’t do anything to help? A man who does everything and better than you can !!! I love him to bits, and he is perfect, but I’d like to be better than him at something that matters !! And no, that doesn’t mean he’s up for grabs –¬†I’ll get over this very quickly !!!

So after exploding cake mix, what else went wrong?

I tried to make DD a hairband holder. Staple gun ran out of staples. Staples are in school.

Wanted to make cards. Just dithered as was unfocussed despite having THREE sources of inspiration on the desktop. Everything out very untidily now.

Finally decided to make a present for a new baby – one of my old YF girls gave birth recently to a wee girl they’ve named Mara (Gaelic for “sea” – I assume they are going for that meaning rather than the Hebrew of “bitter”!) I was inspired to make a canvas for her in sea colours. Rather brave as I’ve never done that before – and no, I don’t know anything about their taste in colours ar art, but it’s small enough to be hidden away and I wouldn’t mind if they just got rid of it if they didn’t like it ! And I will be saying this in the card !

Even this was problematic as I decided to bleach out some of the ink which had smudged into the letters and the bleach went MAD. ARGH. I’ve tried to cover it up with a little outlining which I think I JUST get away with. But covered¬† a t-shirt with bleach in the process….

 So here it is. Was it worth it, do you think?

¬†Seriously, you’re opinion counts whether I send this or something trad !

While you’re pondering, I thought I’d share this. Runrig are one of my favourite bands – we had one of their songs at the signing of the register at our wedding – and I love this song. I even painted the lyrics on the bathroom of our first house…. I hope it soothes you (and Grumpy, who still has a cake to ice…)


1 Comment

  1. C.Foreman said,

    June 11, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Canvas is super. I like gooey cake. Check your e-mails and/or pick up phone.

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