Another Passion for Papertrey Challenge

… this time it’s for FRIENDS.

Now you’d think that was easy enough – eh? Nope. Felt quite challenged – I think because the examples are SO FABBY – – see what I mean? Well. I’m hiding behind the old ” too busy” excuse (hey, reports, Hen days in Glasgow,reports,  forward plans and reports = OFFICIALLY BUSY !!!!)

I made this a while back out of scraps and I’m not saying it’s anywhere near a great card, but it qualifies so it’s in. There’s 2 things I really like about it – I’m very impressed with my colouring – it’s pencils and oil. Get me. ( and get them here – ) I also love the size – It’s TEENY !!! About A7. I think cards like that are great for friends because it is just a thought as opposed to a grand gesture (altho those are good too…!)

* stamps are PTI Autumn Abundance

* all else is scraps from stash !

Incidentally, sucky scanner is being demoted !!! I have been losing weight and promised myself a cheapish digital when I reached a certain milestone – the Amazon order is in and the postie is being stalked !! The squinty effect you have come to love and admire will be banished !

I will be back later this weekend with another tri-shutter card, and, if I have time, another stab at this challenge. I have a different design sitting brooding in my head, reports are finish, planning folder is on boss’ desk, pigs are fed and ready to fly !

Have a great Saturday !


1 Comment

  1. Amy Wanford said,

    May 15, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    This certainly qualifies for our challenge and is GREAT! I love your colouring, I’ve never experimented with pencils and oil but your results look fab!
    Thanks so much for joining in with our challenge on A Passion for Papertrey!
    P.S Congrats on reaching your milestone!

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