Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO – IT’S DH !!!!

My husband is a little like superman. Actually, in many ways he’s like Superman (although we don’t do tights, underwear as outerwear or capes. And the flying thing has been on the fritz for a while…!) However, the way I am talking about today is the whole Clark Kent/Superman thing. DH comes across as very quiet and mild-mannered. He’s no pushover, but equally he’s a very easy person to be around if you don’t know him very well. But really, the man inside is so worth getting to know, because he ROCKS. And he really does rock – he can play a great guitar (and not just the Hero variety either) Hence the card. This card has been sitting in my brain since I discovered the Joy Fold,( ) and it will now sit, in it’s envie, in the birthday card book til November. Cool.

Stamps: guitar boy – Anna Dunn

                 background images – Impression Obsession (I THINK)

Ink: Versafine Onyx


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