What Stacy wants….

Stacy Julian inspires me. Her blog – http://stacyjulian.com/blog/–  is on my “Check Daily”  list, and it’s a rare post I don’t get something from.  Today’s post was about blogging your handbag.

In any case, I have always loved the idea that what we carry around with us everyday defines us and to a large extent provides snapshot of our life “right now.” I used to teach classes and make students do a purse dump, find three items and write down …

1. what it is
2. why it’s in your purse
3. what it says about you

Today I am inspired. Today I have the time.  So here it is.  my anthropologist’s take…

She’s a teacher. Yup. EIS (teacher’s Union) diary. Pens – but specifically a whiteboard pen. Lists and leaflets (admittedly to the  Scottish Storytelling Centre, but that kinda thing is where my vocation overlaps into my real life!)

She’s a medical/cosmetic junkie. yeah, but you’d only get that from my bag, not from looking at me. 4 sets of tablets, tissues, 2 lip balms (one is coloured !!!) 3 handcare things (including cute Mr. Mouse !!) and other miscellaneous stuff. Most of which gathers dust at the bottom of the bag instead of being applied diligently, the reason it’s supposed to be in the bag.

She has SOME degree of organisation  …or control issues. Latter. definitely the latter. The neatly laid out stuff, practical v pretty bag and small purse all point to trying to being sorted, but have you noticed the significant missing object? Where is her set of  keys? I don’t leave my keys in my handbag – and my husband dreads the 5 minutes before I leave the house and the shriek of “WHERE ARE MY KEYS???” Generally, kitchen surfaces, work bag, pockets of cardis or, if I’m v lucky, the key dish at the door. However, sometimes on my desk at school…. ( Yeah, I KNOW in the picture above there is a key… I just don’t know what it’s for – see??!!)

Thanks Stacy. I promise to scrap this cos it talks about me, in my voice (no, you’re not getting a photo of me yet – baby steps !!)


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